Replacement Officials Affecting the NFL's Integrity

The NFL has now completed 2 weeks of football and the standard of officiating has hit an all-time low. Perhaps the decisions themselves have not been the issue but more the three C's. Control, command and consistency.

The replacement officials aren't just the 2nd best but about the 5th or 6th and as they know it is just a matter of time before they return to their 'day job's', there isn't any accountability for their decisions.

Take Brian Stropolo, the line judge and avid Saints fan who has been removed from his post after daming facebook pictures were published of him going to a pre-season game in Saints gear, or on Monday Night Football the official who John Fox gave an ear to. He threw a flag, the flag was not enforced but later in the half a very dubious pass interference was called against Fox's team by, you guessed it, the same official.

Joe Flacco, the Baltimore Ravens quarterback, came out and said it is affecting the game's integrity and he is absolutely right. The NFL and the NFLPA can get a deal done but they can't spare any for the officials? it doesn't make sense and the season is suffering for it. No fan should have to sit through another display like the Monday Night game in Atlanta where the first quarter along took over an hour due to incorrect penalty administration and a lack of general control.

This fan, for one, is not happy as the most professional sport in the world is looking decidedly amateur. What else is on TV?

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